The plague created the circumstance that enhanced Shakespeare’s talent.

We have all been forced to adapt in creative ways because of the coronavirus and the arts will continue.

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Knight’s Acting school was launched in April 2011 and provides Bayside and the surrounding areas with an Acting school that enables young people and adults to enjoy learning the skills needed to perform either for fun or professionally.

It also offers the students an opportunity to work with  professionals in the industry and learn about stage craft and TV/Film acting.

For some students they will just enjoy the experience, build confidence and meet new friends.

For others they might wish to perform professionally and carve out a successful acting career in theatre, TV and film.

Knight’s Acting school will cater for all of this and most importantly it will be fun!


Musical Theatre Showcase Hope

After a year of lockdowns we managed to perform our Musical Theatre Showcase Hope and two plays – a modern adaption of Cinderella and Clandestine Creek (written and performed by senior acting students) before an audience at the Frankston Arts Centre.

We only have 3 weeks of face to face teaching before the dress/technical rehearsal.

The Shows Must Go On

After weeks of zoom lessons in 2020 we were able to return to face to face teaching in the open air at Overport Primary School.

We were able to film Matilda, The Witches and High School Musical. We would like to thank the Principal at Overport Primary School Julie Gleeson, Melissa and Annabelle for allowing us to do this.

We would also like to thank Alex Hollins for filming and editing the shows.