I think the acting class is good experience and acting is my passion and my skill so I hope I can be doing it for awhile or maybe forever.

Dusty, Aged 11, 2023 

I like coming up with ways to perform as my character and finding out how the character acts.

Max, Aged 10, 2023 

When I enter the room everyone greets me with a smile. Everyone is kind, caring and they encourage you to try your best. I recommend you to come to Knight’s Acting School.

Georgia, Aged 11, 2023

I love coming here every Saturday and seeing all my friends and doing different characters.

Sophie, Aged 11, 2023

I enjoy coming to the Knight’s Acting School and improving my acting, singing and dancing skills. I also really enjoy performing in the show that we’ve been working on. 

Anya, Aged 11, 2023

I like the dress rehearsals and the shows.

Poppy, Aged 8,  2023

I really like the Acting School! It’s really inclusive. I like singing and dancing. Everyone there is really nice.

Elora, Aged 13,  2023

Knight’s Acting School is so fun and welcoming. Everyone here is really kind and caring.

Erica, Aged 13, 2023

I really enjoy going to Knight’s Acting School because I can express myself in ways I can’t at school. I really enjoy singing and dancing with people who
understand me.

Lucie, Aged 12, 2023

All the teachers are great and it is a fun acting school without too much pressure, but they still help me improve my acting, singing and dancing.

Teagan 2019

The classes are really great and you get to meet lots of new friends. I love auditioning for the parts in the plays and learning how to improve my singing skills

Harrison, Age 10, 2020

‘Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her year in the Musical Theatre Class, the inclusive, friendly, relaxed atmosphere has helped her gain personal confidence alongside learning the basics of Musical Theatre on stage and behind the scenes.

The ability of the teachers to accommodate each child’s musical interests and skills, while exposing them to the MT core productions is fantastic.’

Dianne P Frankston 2018

Thank you Sarah for teaching me about acting you have taught me so much and it’s been so much fun!

I have always had a passion for acting and I never thought about doing it until now. I now have a big passion for it and I really want to continue acting and hopefully with your assistance and help I can become a professional actor.

Amberley Powell, aged 12. Frankston 2016

Thank you Sarah for giving me the chance to play my favourite characters in Alice in Wonderland!

Daisy Parker, aged 9. Frankston 2016

Dear Sarah, thank you for providing such a beautiful space for Daisy to enjoy drama.

Iris Parker 2016. Frankston

Thanks for giving my girls such wonderful drama opportunities Sarah.

Louise Studley. 2016 Hampton

Having two children who really love acting, it has become very important that I find the right Drama school to enhance their interest, teach them skills and allow them to enjoy themselves and have fun experiences in a nurturing, encouraging environment.

We have been thrilled to discover Knights Drama, close to home and offering classes in Drama and Musical Theatre on a Saturday afternoon.

We had previously been involved with a larger franchise group and found the children got lost in the mix a bit, including in the concert, which was held an hours drive away.

We found Sarah’s classes offered a more personal experience with all the children involved having more of a role in the end of term concert.

We were amazed at the ideas Sarah came up with for the two performances given at the mid year concert. In a relatively small space with few props the stories of The Wizard of Oz and Snow White really came alive. The children learnt many new skills and enormous creativity was demonstrated.

I still am not sure how Sarah managed to achieve so much with her young, enthusiastic performers. But that, as they say, is all part of the magic of the Theatre!
Dr Elizabeth Reed Sep 15th 2012
(mother of 12 and 10 year old sons) – Acting and Musical Theatre Classes

“ It’s a great group with a great bunch of people, very enjoyable. I recommend this group to anyone looking into acting in general.

Nigel Grypstra on Jul 2, 2012. (Adult Acting Class)

“ I find Sarah Knight to be very professional in her teaching skills and I am sure anyone else would also. ”

Kerri Bock on May 23, 2011. (Adult Acting Class) 

“ It is a good event for learning some new knowledge in acting, at the same time to have a good fun and laugh. ”

Amber Cecilia on Jun 13, 2011. (Adult Acting class)

It is heaps of fun and satisfying to see shows come together. It was awesome being the Tin Man and our show felt very professional.

Chris: (Acting and Musical Theatre Classes Sept 2012)

We get to do different kinds of productions with friends and learn about different styles of acting. The Wizard of Oz and Snow White were great fun.

Alex: (Acting and Musical Theatre Classes Sept 2012)

“I really enjoy Knight’s Acting Classes because I have get to have fun with my friends and also learn about acting. I enjoyed being the scarecrow in our last play.”

Brodie: (Acting and Musical Theatre Classes 2012)

“I only started the acting and musical theatre class at Knight’s Acting School a couple of months ago.

The classes were exactly what i was looking for and i have been totally inspired! The classes are small so everyone gets a decent role and they are very professionally run by an experienced actress, singing coach and choreographer.

The atmosphere is friendly and nurturing and fun.
Knight’s acting and musical theatres classes have been fantastic for my self confidence and have totally captured my imagination so i practice my lines and songs all week between classes. “

(Lauren Studley Age 11 2013)

“Alex (9yo) and Zoe (6yo) really enjoy coming to the acting classes and it was no surprise to me that Alex also wanted to join musical theatre.

The half an hour class for Zoe is just perfect as it is short enough to hold her attention and interesting enough that she wants to come back every week. Alex has gone from strength to strength.

Even though he is one of the youngest, he is very much a part of the group and his confidence has increased dramatically. Every week he comes back very positive and proud and this is great for me to see as a parent. The older boys treat him really well and the group is small enough to be close but large enough to put on a quality performance like we saw last week with The Little Shop of Horrors.

It just shows what a great teacher and willing students can achieve. It is one thing they never want to miss attending during the week and I think that says a lot.” 

(Kate Tognarini – parent of Alex and Zoe 2013)

“My three children are all part of Knights Acting School. Their ages are 6, 10 and 12 years and all ages are catered for.

The confidence and personal skills they have learnt through the acting and musical school is amazing. I love that everyone gets a role in the end of year productions which are put together professionally and are at a high level, though Sarah does not hit parents with a big production bill.

I have seen the end result going along to these shows and have a smile on my face and a tear in my eye when I see the happiness of my child on stage.”

(Parent Andrea Seignior 2015)

“I joined knights acting school, mid 2014, after watching my cousins in the Peter Pan and musical review. It was fantastic and I asked mum if I could join the group in the car on the way home.

We have just finished Charlie and the chocolate factory, and I was lucky enough to land one of the lead roles and played Charlie, which was fun. We are now working on Shakespeare and a musical review for our next performance.

I love going to drama on a Saturday afternoon and I have made lots of new friends.”

(Daniel 10yrs old 2015)