Musical Theatre Course


  • To learn about the history of musical theatre
  • To develop singing skills
  • To develop dancing skills
  • To develop acting skills
  • To develop rehearsal and performance skills
  • To improve script reading
  • To become part of a performance group

The musical theatre course offers students the opportunity to be part of a focused performance group that not only learns and develops their knowledge on musical theatre, but also performs musicals to parents and the public within the community. These performances can also be used to showcase their work to the industry. They will focus on the 3 elements which are singing, dancing and acting. The classes last 1 hour and involves working with a singing, dancing and acting teacher. The cost for the course covers all materials needed such as scripts, props, costumes, lighting and sound equipment.

Acting Classes


  • To teach acting and performance skills to young people and adults
  • To provide a fun and safe environment that is supportive
  • To stage performances for students and families to enjoy
  • To prepare students for the industry
  • To give confidence
  • To engage students with exciting teaching

14x8The workshops will last for an hour except for the 3-5 age group. In the first term the students will be introduced to the basic acting skills and will focus on these. After the first term students will then prepare for performances, which will then be staged at the end of each of the following terms. These performances will not only incorporate the basic acting skills they have learned, but will also focus on a specific area such as TV, film, scripted and devised plays. Parents and families will be invited to see their work at the end of each term once the basic skills have been introduced. Younger students will then have the opportunity to move up to an older class after one year where they will start new projects that will continue their development.

Private Tuition

Knight’s Acting school will also offer private tuition for young people and adults. The session can cover any of the following and can be tailor made to suit your needs.

  • Confidence building
  • Develop vocal skills
  • Relaxation techniques to help with acting work
  • Development of body language and movement for characters or just to use in day to day work
  • Business presentational skills
  • Audition speeches
  • Preparation for professional work

Price $40 per hour

If you are interested in this please complete the booking form and email it to or through the website contact form.